Usak Commerce and Industry Chamber (UTSO),  likewise all of the  chambers  general  aim, began service in 1891 with the efforts of businessmen in Usak  with the aim of meeting common  needs of members – facilitating the general professional interests in accordance with developments such as ensuring that the same objectives and tasks in the framework.

The leading sectors of the economy can be classified as textiles, recycling, leather, ceramics and  food. Apart from these carpet adorning palaces, tarhana, with halva are also striking  values of province. The province is also rich in mineral resources and Europe’s largest gold mine is located in Altınkent Uşak. In the textile industry, particularly manufacturing blankets, yarn manufacturing, home textile, gauze and medical products industry and the recycling of textile wastes Uşak is a leader in Turkey. Usak Blanket which is a leader in the industry, provides 95% of national production, 80% of open-end yarn, woolen yarn production 40% to 50% of bandages, tanned skin, 40% of small ruminants are manufactured in Usak. If we look to the ceramics industry in our province; There are three major ceramic companies. Annual production of about 50 million square meters of floor and wall tiles with nearly 15% of the country’s production is done in our province.