MKV Consulting is an SME which develops and implements training courses for adults, in cooperation with universities, the central agency for employment, trade associations, employer associations, chambers of trade and industry, municipalities, educational organizations and small and medium sized enterprises. MKV Consulting is offering services to meet the new requirements of the labour market. These requirements are as follows;

  • Corporate-commercial business software and industrial automation software,
  • Hardware solutions Coding and Labeling applications,
  • Raw materials for the food industry manufacturers, Import-Export,
  • Organic Farming Training Modules to prepare and Implement Training
  • To meet the demands of the management and mid-level staff training of the companies,
  • Converting all Learning Modules to Distance Learning Materials,
  • To carry out Capacity Building studies for Employer Associations and SMEs representing the sector
  • To transfer the intermediate staff vocational standards required for all sectors in Turkey from the EU,
  • To prepare Training Modules,
  • Applying Adult Trainings
  • To prepare, implement and report EU projects

MKV Consulting is working with numerous part-time experts during the Project implementations.